Week 1 Half Marathon Training: The Good, The Bad and The Shopping

It’s been a long week. I’m probably going to say that at the end of every training week forever more as I am a bit of a moaner.  Anyway I promised a little recap as to how the week had gone running wise and I’m sure after your Sunday roast you’ve spent the rest of your Sunday biting your nails waiting for it!


After trawling through the millions of available guides on Google I’ve gone for using a Bupa Half Marathon Training Guide as a base and adapting it to my lifestyle.  I have the luxury of working from home through the week but am out working most Sundays so my long runs I’ve decided will be on Saturdays.  This training plan suggests 3 runs through the week plus 1 long run (although this week I only managed 2 plus 1 long – good start!)  As it was the first week it was just 30 minute easy runs through the week and a 3 mile run at the weekend, but as I was ran 3 miles during the weekday runs I upped the long run to 4 miles.


So Monday it all began.  I laced my trainers, popped my new Fitbit Surge on my wrist (review for that coming soon), stepped out the house, started running and immediately wanted to die.  Why did I sign up for this?!  One mile hurts!  Every bit of running bloody hurts!  What on earth will 13 of the devils feel like on a freezing cold Sunday morning in February!?  Once I got past mile 1 I calmed down a bit.  I wouldn’t say it was enjoyable in the slightest but when I got home I was pretty damn chuffed that I’d made it out and made it home without collapsing.



The second run felt better – I wore my snazzy new London Marathon rejection top (yes I applied.  And I was gutted I didn’t get a place… I’m like two people, half of me hates running, the other half wants to sign up for bigger, more mental events!  Tough Mudder has been discussed…).  Anyway, the top.  It’s black, warm and comfy and it’s the first time I’ve ever run in something quite that cosy.  I got into my music a bit more and relaxed into it.  It was still just as hard but definitely more enjoyable.



Then came yesterday.  I was so up for this run – I went with my new husband (shit, that feels so weird to write), the weather was bright and my headphones fitted in my ears easier than normal (Does anyone else have this issue??  I have headphones that hook round your ears and are meant to always stay in but they are SO HARD TO PUT ON that sometimes I’m actually close to tears before I even leave.)  I’d planned the same route as the last two but added in an extra mile in the middle.  A mile in and my back had twinged or something and 36 hours later I am still hobbling around like an old lady in an old peoples home looking for her glasses and her teeth.  So annoyed that I didn’t stop running as I’m guessing I made it worse.  Instead I ran through the pain and am paying for it now!  I’ve got a heat pack on my back, have cried a few times because, I probably should have mentioned this, I’m a total wuss, and I’m self-medicating with a glass of red wine or two.  I’m going to take it easy tomorrow and the hope is I can go for a little run on Tuesday but we shall see…



In other news, yesterday I stopped at Sweatshop in Maidstone and couldn’t resist a few bits to set me up for the colder runs that are coming!  I do have a bit of a spending issue but I only got a pair of long Adidas running trousers, a grey hoodie top and most exciting of all… a hat and gloves!  I literally can’t wait to be one of those people who are so crazed and dedicated to running that they go out in weather so cold that a hat and gloves are required kit!  I love Adidas stuff – they fit me well, are so comfortable and I love all the patterns.  I do generally have to wait for there to be some sort of sale though and I think the ones I got are last season.  The hoodie is by Under Armour and feels super comfy as well as having a secret hidden pocket for your house key!  I love a secret pocket.  I guess you could use it as a snack pocket too…


Right I reckon that’s the end of today’s essay.  If you’ve made it this far I’m so impressed.  You’ve probably earned a custard cream, or a glass of wine, or whatever else might make your Sunday night special.  Enjoy 🙂


Nic xxx

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