I’m sitting writing this, my first LoveLifeHealthy post, after scoffing a huge bowl of my favourite soup.  I’m considering going out to the kitchen to finish the rest off, even though it was meant for tomorrow’s lunch…  It’s a Madeleine Shaw recipe, a cold, vegan tomato soup, made entirely in a blender and done in max 5 minutes including chucking the blender into the dishwasher afterwards.  Madeleine is one of my favourite health bloggers and you should definitely check this recipe out.  It probably won’t change your life but it will definitely cheer up a distinctly grey Friday, I promise.


Anyway, I wanted to use this first post to introduce myself!  I’m Nic (short for Nicola, never Nicky), I’m 31, I’ve been married just over a month and I have 2 cats that hate each other.  I love food, I love baking and I love cooking.  I love food shopping and planning meals.  I have a very real recipe book addiction and own what may well be every single health/lifestyle book there is, from Madeleine Shaw’s Ready Steady Glow to Hemsley Hemsley to the new Niomi Smart book.  I am the sort of person who gets up and makes a smoothie for breakfast with expensive superfood powders in it.  I am also the sort of person who can eat an entire share bar of Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut to myself in about 15 minutes whilst watching Hollyoaks.  I am the person who makes 80% of her meals from scratch and hasn’t used a jar of sauce or a packet mix for years but I’m also that person who drinks far too much red wine on a Friday night and binges on McDonalds the day after.


Last week I signed up for a half marathon and this week I started training for it.  Someone asked me recently what my dream job is and it’s writing.  Being honest and communicating with people in a way that they hopefully find entertaining.  I’m quite an introverted person a lot of the time and sharing what is almost like a diary with the world is marginally terrifying but it seems like the ideal time to start this blog!  I’m going to share with you the training, the recipes, the blood, sweat, tears and swearing and basically pray to God that you like it and keep coming back!


So that’s it!  My first post.  Short but hopefully sweet, and a little insight into who I am and what this site is about.  If you have any comments, suggestions or maybe a Knock Knock joke, feel free to scribble it in the comments section below.  And if you’re already convinced this site is the best thing you’ve ever stumbled across on the World Wide Web then click the subscribe button and never miss any of the action!  Thanks so much for making it to the end and I’ll see you again soon  🙂


Nic xxx


P.S You might as well know that half way through writing this I went to the kitchen, filled my bowl with the rest of the soup and I now have no lunch for tomorrow… greedy cow.

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