It’s been a while!  My back stopped me from doing any kind of running last week so I spent the week pretty pissed off and feeling sorry for myself.  I had a whole day where I didn’t actually get out of my dressing gown (in my defence it’s new and pink and so snuggly that it should come with a ‘you will never want to take this off’ warning).


Anyway, on Saturday I popped to Sweatshop again (this is becoming a bit of a thing… this time they invited me to their running club but I’m not sure I’m happy with the speed at which our relationship is progressing. One step at a time guys).  I did the gait test thing that they offer – they basically make you stand on hot insoles on this machine and they mould to your feet so you have super amazing support when you put them in your shoes.  Sounds good but when they ask you to bend your knees the time goes so slowly… I felt pretty weird basically squatting with my arse poked out at this 18 year old boy, but hopefully it’s worth it.  For stage two of the test they put the insoles into some basic running shoes and make you run on a treadmill while they film your feet – again, slightly awkward in front of a shop full of people.  I was told I slightly over pronate, which I was quite pleased about because I did this before about a year ago and was told I massively over pronate so some sort of improvement has gone on somewhere along the line!  Rich, my husband (still feels weird), was told he had the perfect running stance and enjoyed rubbing that in a little bit.  He had his pick of all the lovely running shoes, lucky bastard.


There were no shoes suitable for me but I got the insoles and am going to pop them in my currently running shoes to see if they make any difference.  I’m hoping to get out for a run over the next couple of days.




In fact I said I was going to go today at 5pm.  It’s currently 4.45pm and I’m sat here writing this post and basically procrastinating.  If I post this I pretty much have to go don’t I.  I can’t post it, tell you all what I should be doing and then not do it.  This could be the motivation I need….


I’m going to post it.  Then get my stuff on and get out there before it gets dark.  If you never hear from me again it’s probably because I posted it, made a cup of tea, put The Chase on and vegged out, doomed to be unfit for the rest of my life and never to run a half marathon.


Nic xxx

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