About Me

You know that YouTube video of that girl telling you what she ate in a day?  Or that website with that mouth-watering picture of a broccoli and almond salad?  Or that smooth beautiful recipe book that starts with a list of superfoods you should start to include in your everyday meals?  I want that lifestyle.  I want to be the person who rolls out of bed looking bright and glowing, who only eats raw chocolate, starts every day with a smoothie that I actually enjoy and spiralises sweet potato instead of eating chips.  And I guess that’s really what this blog is all about.  Me attempting to live the good life!  Now I’m in my thirties (only just…) and just started training for a half marathon it seems the right time to document my life for the whole world… why the hell not?

You can expect to see running posts, posts about recipes from the hoard of recipe books I own and posts about my own recipes too.  I like a good moan so I’d imagine there’ll be a spot of moaning along the way, and I want this blog to be pretty personal so there will be bits and pieces of normal life too.

Just to clarify, I’m not a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a doctor or a dietician.  Everything I write in this blog is my own opinion and what works for me and my body, and that goes for what I eat as well as how I train.

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Nic xxx
P.S I’m off to enjoy a chunk of raw chocolate now…

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