Oh, Hi January!

It’s the 2nd of January as I write this, it’s raining and the house is dark despite it being the middle of the day.  Yes, the weather is pretty much the same as December but in January there’s no pretty Christmas tree and hordes of wrapping paper and bows to distract you.  In January there’s … Read more Oh, Hi January!

Scrummy Butternut Squash Soup [for the soul]

This could well be the best and easiest soup you’ve ever made. It’s getting chilly now.  The mornings are darker, its misty and night time turns up quicker than ever, although as I write this I have sun pouring through the window, challenging my decision to post about warming soup…  It’s November though and as … Read more Scrummy Butternut Squash Soup [for the soul]

Pumpkins, Running, Cooking and Cats

Yesterday wasn’t my favourite day ever.  I’ve always struggled with Mondays, whether I had an office job or now I’m self-employed, busy or not-so-busy.  I used to manage a bakery way back when and ensured even back then that I had Sunday and Monday off to try and make sure that Smonday feeling was kept … Read more Pumpkins, Running, Cooking and Cats

A Healthy, Soup-Fueled Introduction

I’m sitting writing this, my first LoveLifeHealthy post, after scoffing a huge bowl of my favourite soup.  I’m considering going out to the kitchen to finish the rest off, even though it was meant for tomorrow’s lunch…  It’s a Madeleine Shaw recipe, a cold, vegan tomato soup, made entirely in a blender and done in … Read more A Healthy, Soup-Fueled Introduction